Embrace Holiday Air Travel and Avoid Stress

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As we are approaching the Holiday season, I’d like to offer some easy travel tips that will allow for a convenient and stress free air travel experience.  The most important tip is to simply mentally prepare yourself and embrace the holiday rush instead of allowing for any aggravation.


If you wait to book your travel plans for the last minute, this could be a costly mistake during an already expensive holiday season.  Try advance booking and clump a holiday package to include airfare, car rental and hotel for a discounted rate.


When booking your airfare try searching alternative surrounding departure and arrival airports; this may allow for cheaper flights, less delays and a larger inventory for car rentals.  Fly direct if you can to avoid connection delays.


Avoid peak air travel days and check for flights the day before or after your preferred date. Book early morning flights or late evening flights for less delays  and fly on Thanksgiving Day or Christmas Day if your holidays plans allow for it.  These days will definitely be less crowded.


Leave for the airport well in advance of your departure time to embrace the long lines with less stress. Do your research in advance and reserve your airport parking.  If it is offered in your area, try rideshare with either Uber or Lyft for added convenience and to avoid any over crowded parking delays.


Once you arrive at the airport, avoid airline counters if you can. Check in online in advance and print your boarding pass or make sure your smartphone is fully charged and check in using the airline app.   The airline app will instantly alert you of any  flight delays.   Pack lightly and bring carry on luggage only but if that is just not possible, utilize airline baggage kiosks to print your luggage tags in advance of turning them into the ticket agent.


Mail all holiday packages in advance of your arrival,  buy gift cards or try Amazon direct ship.   If you must pack gifts, adhere to all TSA rules beforehand. Do not wrap gifts and be sure to pad them well if they are breakable.


If you are a frequent flyer and have a membership or reward points use them for airline travel perks such as a member lounge area.   Reward points may allow for free airfare or seat upgrades as well.


If all of these holiday air travel tips do not appeal to you, then plan for a holiday road trip instead and don’t burn the Turkey.

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