Our Future is Bright with Brightline

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“The Jetson’s”a space age cartoon launched in the 1960’s and was notorious for its’ futuristic space travel which allowed our young minds to wander where future travel modernization would lead.

I believe in 2018 a good example is located  in Florida in the United States.  A privately owned, express, intercity higher-speed rail system known as Brightline has extreme modernized train stations operating from Miami to West Palm Beach with future expansions planned in Orlando, Florida as well as Tampa.

Brightline began operating their high-speed trains this past January with service first from Fort Lauderdale to West Palm Beach and then south to Miami.

The Brightline experience begins with a savvy smartphone app that allows the passenger to  purchase tickets in advance through an online ticket system.  Upon arrival to the train station you are able to use the app to scan through their smart secured turnstiles for easy convenience.

The “bright” yellow, sophisticated trains are home to modern space-like train stations that include a savvy, echoing lounge area with a full bar, food and cultivated furniture equipped with charging stations to provide comfort.

Once aboard, the symbolic atmosphere continues on the train.  You can either upgrade to premium seating that includes a drink and a snack or you can ride coach. Either way an attendant similar to a flight attendant on an airplane will roll a refreshment cart down the aisle for additional service.

Each train seat is fitted with plush leather, a food tray fit for a laptop and it provides additional smart phone charging stations while gazing out large, picturesque windows.

The Brightline concept is to “park and ride” the train. There are parking garages located at each station.  Brightline has also partnered  with Lyft for car rides upon arrival that can take you to your final destination or for a convenient ride to the airport without the hassle.

The future remains “bright” for Brightline as their passengers are utilizing its’ service to travel to work, the airport or even a professional baseball game.  Brightline offers theme rides that have included wine tastings or holiday theme equipped with costume characters.

If the future in Florida wasn’t already so “bright”,  it just became brighter in sunny Southern California as Brightline just acquired XpressWest and will be providing a high-speed rail system between Cali and Las Vegas, Nevada .  Maybe “The Jetson’s” personal aerocars that flew from home to its’ destination might not be in the distant future with pioneers like the Brightline organization progressing.

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