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So “ride share” has become an extremely popular trend, especially when traveling to and from the airport.  Both Uber and Lyft are companies that offer ride sharing at most major airports as it is both affordable and convenient. These companies provide a peer to peer ride sharing service through a network transportation smart phone app offered on most mobile devices. If you plan on travelling to multiple locations in one day we do however recommend you rent a car instead.


Boston Logan International airport located in Boston, Massachusetts is one of the last major airports to allow ride sharing on their vicinity.   Massachusetts’ Governor Charlie Baker signed a Bill into law in August of 2016, allowing ride sharing that transformed Boston Logan International airport permanently with the additional convenient means of transportation for travelers.


As you arrive at Boston Logan, walk down to the “Departure Level” where the airports’ signage reads  clearly “App Ride/TNC” with a smartphone icon next to it.   Open either your Uber or Lift smartphone app and request your ride.  Follow the signs and proceed to the designated “ride share” waiting area for your car pick up.  This area is located outside of the main building and it offers shelter similar to what they provide at city bus stops.


Massport operates Boston Logan and they have a separate agreement with both Uber and Lyft that require the driver’s to have an extensive background check.  They also require each driver to enter the designated “FIFO Zone”at the airport before accepting a ride request from the passenger. FIFO means the “First In First Out” rule which applies as the driver enters the designated zone. This  is beneficial to the ride share passengers. It allows for quick and convenient passage to their travel designation and expedites passenger transportation for the airport.


Once the driver and car arrive at the ride share designated area for pick up, please adhere to the following helpful tips for the passenger’s safety.  Check the license plate on your ride share app to make sure it matches the car, double check the vehicle make and model of the car and confirm the driver’s name to match it as well. If everything is a match, place your luggage in the trunk and jump in the back seat.  Many ride share drivers will offer bottled water or candy as a treat.


While you are enjoying your ride share, ask the driver about the City.  Many of the drivers are  familiar with the hotels, hot spots, attractions and the best places to eat in town.  The driver’s are a fabulous resource for local information that you can’t find online, in a travel guide or through another smartphone app.

Another plus about ride sharing while travelling is not needing to deal with parking. However if you do need to park you would certainly want to visit these guys for any and all airport parking.

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