The Return of the Titanic

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We are all familiar with the famous luxury cruise ship the “Titanic” that was dubbed the “unsinkable ship”.  She was on her maiden voyage when she struck an Iceberg approximately 375 miles south of Newfoundland at 11:40 pm on April 14, 1912 and sunk to the bottom of the Atlantic Ocean only 2 hours and 40 minutes later on April 15th, killing over 1500 passengers and crew members.


Much of the Titanic’s disaster remained a mystery until 1985 when she was discovered split in two on the bottom of the ocean floor where she remains today.  Many of her artifacts have been recovered and shared in museums around the world.


In 1997 James Cameron wrote, directed, co-produced and co-edited the Blockbuster film “Titanic” which brought the disaster to the bring screen with modern special effects that assisted in the film receiving 11 Academy Awards.  The film reignited the ship’s enthralling mystery until Blue Star Line Company  Chairman, Chris Palmer’s recent announcement that the “Titanic II” will set sail on  her maiden voyage on the exact route as her predecessor the “Titanic” in the year 2022.


The Blue Star Line Company  will spend 500 million dollars to build the replica “Titanic II” with the same dimensions, architecture, cabin classes, restaurants, dining rooms and length.  It will have the same ambiance as the original but will provide modern amenities, a 21st Century technical navigation system and will have all modem day safety systems.  Most importantly, it will include the proper amount of life boats for 2400 passengers and for 900 crew members.


The original Titanic offered a modern day communication room with a radio telegraph transmitter that was available to passengers to send “marconigrams”; which are messages sent through the Marconi’s wireless telegraph system.  Perhaps on the “Titanic II”, that will equate to an “Instagram” message available through the ship’s wi-if system.


“Titanic II” will offer the same opulent cabins, gymnasium, swimming pool, libraries and Turkish baths similar to “Titanic”.   The only thing needed to complete the replica is to offer an “Instagram worthy” photo opportunity  at the bow of the ship in the exact spot that Jack and Rose stood with their arms extended wide from their fictional characters in the film “Titanic”. I’m sure it will make for an instant #Selfie moment.


“Titanic II” is anticipated to set sail in 2022, 108 years after the original “Titanic” on the exact same route departing Southampton then onto Cherbourg, France then onto Cohn, Ireland (formally Queenstown) and then west through the Atlantic Ocean with a successful arrival in New York.

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